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A body positive on demand exercise platform designed to support mama’s physical well-being post kiddos.

Movement.   Vitality.   Mobility.   Tone.

Mom MVMT Studio

Hey busy mama!

Want a workout platform that suits your post-baby body and lifestyle?


Want to fit in regular movement that will strengthen and tone your body post kiddos?


 With safe, effective and efficient workouts?


That honour your capacity, energy 

and time?


Welcome to The Mom MVMT Studio, on Demand.

Membership includes unlimited on-demand classes & challenges throughout the year, with new classes added weekly

Start your 7 day free trial

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Access a full video library for the price of a drop-in class!

Looking back on my own postpartum journey and working with many women to help recover from postpartum issues like diastasis recti, leaking, and back pain, I learned there are a few things that led me and them to a healthy, strong, energized, and toned body after having kids:

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You don’t need hours at a gym, the perfect workout outfit, and a regimented exercise schedule to build back your strength, gain tone, and feel more energized.  

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Your energy fluctuates in a given week, so why not choose what's working for you each day? Allowing for variety in the type and intensity of your workouts allows you to work with your body, rather than against it. 

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When you focus on connection with your body and retrain your body to move in effective and functional ways, you will look forward to your workouts instead of dreading them.

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Bounce back culture is dangerous and unhealthy and can lead to many women getting injured or amplifying their postpartum issues (like pain or leaking), not to mention the toll it takes on your confidence and mental health.

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Staying Fit


"I have taken both yoga and strength training classes from Alison and I have to say she is FABULOUS! I was finally able to do yoga without aggravating old running injuries, which I never thought was possible. I highly recommend Alison- you will not regret it!"         

 - Katie

More than just a workout

Classes that are 30 minutes or less. Strength, sculpt, & flow classes so that you can choose the style that suits your mood and energy. Classes designed by a mom for other moms so that you get exactly what you need to support your body & life with kiddos.
Best of all- only love. No body shaming, no bounce back culture. Just women feeling like the strongest and most energized version of themselves.
It's a movement.
You ready?

If you are a busy mama who wants to feel strong and workout on her own terms from the comfort of her home…

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without spending hundreds of dollars on a gym membership


without the “no pain, no gain” mentality that aggravates injuries & symptoms and doesn’t support the unique needs and desires of exercise for moms 


without spending endless hours at the gym or using fancy equipment.


without pushing herself to exhaustion and feeling guilty for not doing enough every step of the way


Then it is important you read every word on this page!


I have been working with women for 9 years helping them gain strength and connection to their bodies so that they feel at home and confident in themselves.


I realized that after working with postpartum women to regain strength and diminish pain and symptoms, they felt uncertain about their next steps. They felt there wasn’t much choice other than to return to their pre-baby workout activities. 


And for many, this didn’t feel good for them anymore or wasn’t totally fulfilling!  They wanted to maintain that close connection with their body, continue to build their strength and tone, and were done with the exercise culture that made them feel they needed to train too hard or were never doing enough.


They wanted to continue to nourish their bodies NOT punish them.


And while they want to look in the mirror and see a smaller waist and nice booty (all possible), that wasn’t their main drive in life anymore.  


They wanted a middle ground. A program that continued to build their capacity, not deplete it.


A workout they felt good doing, was intended for their postpartum body, and something they could easily fit into their hectic life with littles.

Welcome to

The Mom MVMT Studio


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Access to a variety of workouts you can choose from depending on how you feel that day

Workouts under 30 minutes that you can fit into your hectic day at home

Not having to “get ready” for the gym, factor in the extra time to drive and park, and work around when someone can watch the kids

Removing the need for fancy exercise equipment


Movement that finally feels good!


MOVEMENT: Yes, moving your body, but also "a movement" towards exercising to feel good and away from punishment & bounce back culture

VITALITY: Energy to keep up with your busy days, along with the vibrancy you get from doing something for YOU

MOBILITY: No tightness or stiffness here! Just a body that's ready to move in the ways you want it to

TONE: Yes, feeling better in your clothes, but ALSO building strength to keep up with the kiddos, push that stroller uphill, and to be able to carry allll the things you need for that relaxing day at the beach with the kids!


A variety of classes including:

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FLOW: Yoga-inspired, dynamic classes to increase functional strength, mobility, and foster a mind-body connection

STRENGTH: Challenging strength-building classes with medium to heavy weights for when you’re looking to build that mom life muscle

SCULPT: Fun, lower intensity classes that utilize lighter weights and resistance bands to feel the burn

EXPRESS: Classes under 15 minutes that get you moving and energized so that you can feel great and get on with your day

With features such as:

  • Classes that are 30 minutes or less so that you can more easily fit them into your day

  • Choose your focus: Filter by class type, duration, body focus, and save your favourites so you can go back to them again and again

  • New workouts added every week 

  • Options throughout the classes to customize your workout so that you can meet your body exactly where you’re at 

  • Modifications for bodies who need extra support to recover from and prevent relapse with postpartum issues such as leaking, back pain, and diastasis recti

  • Access to challenges throughout the year to help keep you motivated and accountable


(and your first 7 days are on me)

Ready to move your body in ways that feel good, on your time? 


"I am more mindful of my movement, more confident in myself, and stronger than I have ever been since having my two girls"


“Alison has a way of teaching that is validating, empowering, and engaging. Her prompts/cues are also so helpful!”
- Ashley

Meet your workout partner in crime, Alison Tjong

I’m Alison, mother of 4, yoga enthusiast, movement nerd, and a woman on a mission to help mamas gain back confidence in their bodies so they can feel empowered to build the strength, function, and energy they desire to keep up with their busy lives.  I am certified in core & pelvic floor corrective exercise, prenatal exercise, yoga, and functional training. I know how demanding mom life can be, and I want every mama to know that she deserves to take the time to feel great in her body, and that she doesn’t need to rearrange her life in order to make it happen.

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Join now for only $15/month!

Mommy and Me


 Instant access to a full library of effective and efficient workouts designed to help you strengthen and tone your body!

Safe movement and workouts designed with postpartum mamas in mind with plenty of options to modify and progress.

Access to the express series - workouts under 15 mins for those busy days that you just can’t get away from!

Upon joining you will receive:

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You desire to build strength, mobility, & tone, and to continue to deepen your connection with your body.

You are busy and need something you can fit into your day that doesn’t require a cute workout outfit, a hard to find parking spot, and care for your kids while you work out.

You want to avoid triggering postpartum issues such as leaking and back pain.

You want a program that feels nourishing and matches your energy levels.

You want flexibility to feel into what areas you want to focus on in a given day.

You want to train with an expert who understands a mom’s postpartum body.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does payment work?

Your first payment will come out upon sign up or after your free trial period. From there, your payments will occur monthly on the same date.

2. Can I cancel anytime?

As much as I don't want to see you go, you can choose to cancel your membership anytime in your account settings. When you're signed in, go to the circle avatar at the top of your page. From there, click "Purchases". You'll see three little dots beside Mom MVMT Studio with an option to cancel there.

3. I'm still working on resolving issues like leaking, prolapse, or diastasis recti. Is this a good platform for me to join?

If you've got a good handle on body awareness, core strategy, and what your current modifications/limitations are, this can be a great way to supplement your recovery efforts, as all of the movements are designed to be functional, with options to modify throughout the classes to suit where you're at. If you're still early on in your recovery, you may want to hold off briefly, or consider my Core Confidence group program.

4. What kind of equipment do I need?

There are a variety of classes to suit your needs and preferences. You'll want to have some basics like a yoga mat, some resistance band loops, yoga blocks, and some light weights. The Strength classes use heavier weights. Some classes will use a small pilates ball, with options for substitutions. Occasionally you'll want to have common household objects nearby like a chair or washcloths.

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