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Let's Work Together


Exercise on demand, on your time

A body positive on demand exercise platform designed to support mama's physical well-being post kiddos.

Flow, strength, and sculpt classes that are 30 minutes or less so that you can get your movement in and get on with your day

You know that exercise makes you feel better, gives you more energy, makes you stronger, and has you feeling more confident in your body.

But getting to the gym is impossible.

Or you can only make it to classes once a week and you'd like to be more consistent.

Or life with littles just makes it hard to schedule anything or get out for workouts consistently.

And you're just not into the punishing, "no pain, no gain" workouts anymore.

Enter the Mom MVMT Studio. Exercise on your time. Get strong without punishing or hurting yourself. Choose the style that works for you on a given day. AND classes catered specifically to a mom's needs and desires.



12 Week Group Series

Next round starts 2023. Click below for more details and to get on the early bird list!

A 12 week group exercise program that gives you the tools you need to have a stronger, more functional body so that you can start to diminish core & pelvic floor symptoms and have the strong postpartum body you deserve

What if you could resolve your core & pelvic floor issues so that you could handle the demands of life and motherhood without leaking, pain, discomfort or weakness?

The Core Confidence Program is the ultimate group program to help you build full body strength and function so that you can move through life confidently and get back to doing the activities you love.

This program is ideal for anyone who is looking to resolve their diastasis recti, leaking, pelvic organ prolapse, back/hip/pelvic pain, or core weakness. It's also an excellent program to strengthen intelligently and progressively postpartum!

Option to join live classes in-person or via zoom

Family Stretch


1-to-1 Coaching

Ready to move through life with confidence and know what your body can handle, how you can progress, or how to make the most of your workouts? Prefer to have personalized attention? Book a private session.

Private sessions are catered to your needs- whether you're simply looking to optimize your movements, want to be strong in pregnancy or postpartum, or would like some help with back pain, posture, diastasis recti or pelvic floor issues from an exercise based approach, let's work together.


All sessions can be conducted in person or via Zoom.



Gentle body reconnection

This guide is the foundational piece for early postpartum recovery to help aid healing, relieve stresses and strains, and help to mitigate common postpartum issues like diastasis recti and leaking.

With a 15 page PDF guide and 24 easy to follow exercises (with video demonstrations) you can gently and effectively get yourself on the right track to regaining strength and confidence in your postpartum body.


Your first 6 weeks postpartum is a unique time. It's simultaneously too early to do many traditional exercises, but also too long to do nothing. So what do you do??  

This guide will help you navigate exactly that so that you can move through your postpartum recovery intelligently and with confidence.