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Next session runs October 26th-November 16th
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Are you a woman looking to get in a workout that will kick your butt in a way that is still supportive of your body? Want the energy and fun of being in a group class??

This series is designed to help you get your sweat on, feel stronger, and get more energized in the fun and community of a group environment.

There are progressions and modifications for exercises so that you can meet your body where it's at and always leave class feeling confident and empowered.

Fitness Ladies


12 Week Group Zoom Series

Next round starts January 2022. Click below for more details and to get on the early bird list!

What if you could resolve your core & pelvic floor issues so that you could handle the demands of life and motherhood without leaking, pain, discomfort or weakness?

The Core Confidence Program is the ultimate group program to help you build full body strength and function so that you can move through life confidently and get back to doing the activities you love.

This program is ideal for anyone who is looking to resolve their diastasis recti, leaking, pelvic organ prolapse, back/hip/pelvic pain, or core weakness. It's also an excellent program to strengthen intelligently and progressively postpartum!

A 12 week group movement program that gives you the tools you need to have a stronger, more functional body so that you can start to diminish core & pelvic floor symptoms and have the strong postpartum body you deserve

Hatha Yoga


12 Week 1:1 Program

Are you struggling with a diastasis recti, incontinence or prolapse? Are you frustrated with your body and feel like you're being held back from doing the things you love? This program is for you! 

We will work together to re-pattern your body so that you will feel stronger, be more functional and know that your body is there to support you through the demands of life.


Along with learning exercises that restore core and pelvic floor function, we will work together on functional strength, breathing, and alignment patterns that will keep your body working efficiently and effectively so that you can feel stronger and more confident than ever.



1-to-1 Coaching

Ready to move through life with confidence and know what your body can handle, how you can progress, or how to make the most of your workouts? Book a private session.

Whether you want a little bit of help or want to work together on a regular basis, I'm here for you.

Private sessions are catered to your needs- whether you're simply looking to optimize your movements or would like some help with back pain, posture, diastasis recti or pelvic floor issues, let's work together.


I offer single sessions as well as packages of sessions for extra savings. All sessions can be conducted in person or via Zoom.



1-to-1 Prenatal Sessions

As your body shifts and grows during this very special time in your life, we can work together to help you find comfort and stay in tune with your body.

You will also learn how to stay connected to your core and pelvic floor so that you can go into your birth with more confidence and have the tools for a better recovery postpartum.

Pregnancy is a beautiful time of life that comes with a unique set of challenges for your body. Let's work together to help you have a more comfortable pregnancy and stack the cards in your favour for a better birth and smoother recovery.



Semi-Private & Small Group Classes

Functional & sustainable movement are at the foundation of all of my classes. Find a challenging practise that is nurturing for your body and mind.

I offer semi-private and small group sessions. This is a great option if you want to do yoga with friends or simply want an experience more catered to your desires.

My classes always meet you where you're at while also challenging you to find more strength, mobility and connection to your body.