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For This Beautiful Time of Life

There's a lot of information out there about what you can and cannot do during pregnancy. You've heard that exercise is good but what does that mean? I can give you the tools you're looking for so that you can be more confident and comfortable. If you're experiencing specific issues like SPD, SI joint pain or back pain, I can show you ways to help alleviate those strains. Maybe you're also worried about common postpartum issues like diastasis recti and incontinence. The work we do together will set you up for a better recovery and help mitigate that risk.

Pregnancy is amazing....and challenging! Let's work together so you can move through your pregnancy feeling strong, capable, and ready for delivery & recovery.


  • Three 60 minute 1-to-1 sessions 

  • Pregnancy specific sessions that teach you best movement practices for this stage of life

  • Guidance and exercises catered to your specific pregnancy aches and pains

  • Exercises designed to prepare your body for a better birth

  • Ways to stay connected to your core and pelvic floor so that your body is prepared for the demands of delivery & postpartum recovery

  • Guidance and tips on what to do at each stage of labour to increase your chances of a smoother labour and delivery.

  • Tips for your first few weeks postpartum to begin to reconnect to your core & pelvic floor.


Sessions can be done via Zoom or in person for residents of Thunder Bay, ON

Prices in Canadian dollars

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