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September 27th-30th, 2024

Are you ready to...

Take on your goals with confidence

Be unapologetically yourself

Have the foundations to trust yourself
and feel grounded in mind and body

Introducing The Self-Trust Retreat

A weekend of deeper connection with your body and gut instinct.
Be in community with like minded people, learn and implement tools to experience certainty, and meet the version of yourself that can create your goals with ease.

Join the Self-Trust Retreat and Experience a Weekend of...

Deeper connection with yourself
to create more certainty

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Tools & strategies to fulfill
your potential with ease

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Community with like-minded people

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Getting in tune with your body
with nourishing flows

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In the Township of Tiny, ON

(90 minutes from Toronto Pearson Airport)

DATE:  September 27-30, 2024

Wondering if our retreat is for you?

Are you great at being who you need to be for others while forgetting to prioritize yourself?

Does your perfectionism often get in your way? Either by needing to have the whole plan laid out before getting started or by getting overwhelmed implementing every strategy under the sun looking for the “right” one

Are you fuelled by the need to prove yourself, often feeling disappointed or let down when your expectations aren’t met or things don’t turn out as you hoped?

Setting boundaries makes you want to run away and hide (!)

Do you spend all day up in your head? Do you struggle to process your emotions or lose the experience of living in your body until you notice exhaustion, stiffness, aches + pains, etc.

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Stepping into the person you want to be and having the confidence to live life on your terms does not need to be hard
Deeper connection with yourself

Experience the freedom and confidence to be yourself

The true version of you- not the one you think others want you to be -and how that is your superpower.​

Start feeling good putting yourself first

That’s right- we’re talking setting boundaries, making space and time for your own needs, and doing it in a way that actually builds stronger relationships with the ones you love.

Discover the powerful connection between mind and body

Learn how it feels to truly be IN your body. Uncover the tools to be in tune with your body in a way that makes it your pathway to accessing what your mind needs. Find out what it’s like for your body to be your safe, nurturing vehicle that carries you through life. 

Levelling up your quality of life

Move through life feeling better, having more energy, and the capacity to level up your quality of life & go after your goals with confidence

Learn the tools for nervous system regulation to support your body, & build emotional resilience so your everyday goals feel do-able while also challenging yourself to (safely)  step out of your comfort zone so you can become the version of yourself that you know you're capable of and day dream about

Trust your intuition

Rather than second-guessing yourself or following someone else’s path, reclaim the power of your own journey, trusting that it’s the right one

Be a human being, not a human doing

Your value is not in how much you can cram into a day- your value is simply in your existence. Get more comfortable with knowing you’re enough, just as you are.

Here’s how we’ll support you to get there on the
Self-Trust Retreat

This weekend is designed so you can connect with yourself, get out of your own way and stop playing small so that you can create and step into the life you daydream about.

Meet Your Coaches

Ailie Steel

Well-Being & Performance Coach

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Ailie is a trauma-informed well-being and performance coach, passionate about supporting you with your energy management, navigating your emotions and mindset, so that you feel confident in the driver’s seat of your life creating the results you dream of while feeling lit up and joyful about the life you’re living.

Being certified trauma informed and having managed her own chronic illnesses for 15 + years and having mentored others who have face and struggled with chronic illness she has a unique and specialised understanding of managing your energy levels and emotions. 

Having worked with high-achievers and high performers through her coaching she also has an understanding and depth of knowledge in what it takes to work to make an impact while still prioritising your health and well-being.

Ailie is particularly passionate about you achieving the success and contentment you desire no matter what cards you’ve been dealt and that your story, identity and who you are in your personal life gets to be the FUEL to reach the impact, success and well-being you day dream about.

Alison Tjong

Alison loves to teach yoga & exercise in a way that has people feeling more connected to their bodies, so that they can gain more confidence in themselves, allowing them to access their power and capacity.

Alison is a fierce advocate for women being the most assured and capable versions of themselves, constantly working to push aside unhelpful narratives that leave women feeling less than or uncertain in their bodies, so that they can harness movement as a tool to find more strength and insight. Her classes are always supportive (even when challenging!), meeting participants where they’re at, so that they come out the other side feeling empowered, nourished, and energized.

Alison is a certified yoga instructor, a corrective exercise specialist, prenatal/postpartum exercise specialist, certified menopause coaching specialist, and is certified in exercise based solutions for better core & pelvic health. She’s also a mama of 4 and is therefore always looking for ways to make consistent movement more possible and accessible! 

Functional Exercise & Yoga Instructor

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What is Included

3 nights stay at Great Raccoon Lodge, lakefront bliss located on the shores of Tiny, ON (90 minutes from Toronto Pearson Airport)

Daily yoga flows to get into your body, build connection with yourself, and set the stage for delving deeper into mindset work.

Daily mindset and somatic sessions with practical, implementable tools for emotional resilience, nervous system regulation, setting boundaries, and leaning into intuition and self trust.

Nourishing, delicious meals your body & taste buds will love.

Fun, laid-back Q&A’s throughout the weekend about various topics related to mind, body, reaching your goals and experiencing life the way you desire

Community with like-minded people knowing you are well supported and growing alongside others.

Time to be a human being, walk in nature, relax in the sauna or hot tub, swimming, evenings by the fire, games-  plenty of  time where you get to choose!

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Along with these bonuses:

  • A private 1-1 trauma informed coaching session with Ailie prior to the retreat to get clear on exactly what is holding you back and ensure feeling safe and secure during the retreat.

  • 3 months access to Alison’s online library of classes to stay connected and empowered in your body so you can continue to grow your capacity and energy

  • A post-retreat celebration/virtual gathering a month after the retreat (date TDB) to reconnect & share

  • Discounted sessions with Ailie & Alison

 Plus more bonuses to be announced!

Your Investment

3 nights in person,  Tiny ON

Single occupancy room rates
start at $750 USD ($1000 CAD)
and go to $1500 USD ($2000 CAD)

Double occupancy room rates
start at $650 USD ($875 CAD)
and go to $950 USD ($1300 CAD) 

See available rooms & rates here.
Confirm your chosen room upon booking.

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Most importantly, I think the biggest change that occurred was my own attitude towards my body and health. I used to look at my body and feel frustrated with the post child weight gain, and choose intense, punishing workouts. Of course, this was not sustainable and only led to injuries and less exercise overall. Now I see my body for what it is, the vehicle that lets me experience life, care for my son, and my family. It's worth treating with respect, and it's worth my conscious time and energy to strengthen and protect it. I know I wouldn't have learned this lesson without Alison, I am very grateful to her for it!

- Nicole

Summary of What's Included

3 nights stay at Great Raccoon Lodge

All your meals, drinks and snacks (BYOB if desired)

Sauna, hot tub, games, swimming, evenings by the fire

Group yoga classes, mindfulness sessions, Q&A’s

Pre-retreat coaching call with Ailie

3 months access to Alison’s online class library

Group follow up/celebration


This is your weekend to build your magnetic confidence for success. 


Frequently asked questions

Where is Great Raccoon Lodge and how do I get there?

Great Raccoon Lodge is located in the Township of Tiny, Ontario. Tiny is known as a charming lakeside town boasting beautiful beaches, scenic hikes, and quaint shops & cafes. It is about a 90 minute drive from Toronto Pearson Airport, and about 2 hours from the city of Toronto. Aside from driving, there is a bus near Bloor/Yonge station that will take you from Toronto to Tiny, with about a 10 minute cab/uber ride to get you to the cottage from there. We will be setting up a group chat to allow you to discuss travel plans and ride sharing closer to the date. Please note that travel expenses to and from the retreat are not covered in the retreat price. 

I am new to yoga and/or I haven’t done mindset work before. Does that matter?


Absolutely not! Alison & Ailie are both skilled at meeting participants where they're at and providing options to suit a variety of experience levels. Rest assured you will be in good hands!


Do I have to participate in all the classes/sessions?


While we are excited to bring you a weekend of great movement and learning, we also want you to get out of this weekend whatever you need most. Really want to press snooze and get a restful start to your day? No problem. Finding being out in nature exactly what you need? We respect that.


I have food allergies/intolerances. Can you accommodate?

Absolutely. Please let us know your dietary restrictions upon booking so that we can pass this information on to our caterer

Have more questions?
Book a call and get all of your questions answered!

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