Sustainable Movement

I took my yoga teacher training in 2013, wanting to share my love for how the practice made me feel strong physically and mentally. Initially I loved the flow of a strong vinyasa practice and wanted to be able to do every pose out there. By the time I had my third child, I started to realize that in order for this practice to be sustainable, some things needed to change. I didn't have the words around it yet, but it didn't feel right to me to push students into poses or shimmy their foot behind their head. I knew the best work didn't come from the fancy poses, but from the small details and properly preparing the body for what I was asking of it. Since then, my practice and teaching has evolved to reflect this. I still sometimes practice and teach a lot of the "fun" poses but there's a lot of prerequisites that go into it. My hands-on assists don't involve getting students into a range they're not ready for, and instead help them make their own body-brain connections. My continuing education focuses on functional movement that still allows for a strong, satisfying practice.

My evolution into becoming a Restore Your Core™ teacher and Body Ready Method Instructor happened over several years. I am a mother of four, and ever since my first pregnancy in 2010, I have been disappointed in the lack of resources for pregnant and postpartum women to strengthen mindfully. Since then, I have constantly researched best practices for women at this stage and how to mitigate common postpartum issues. I am so happy to have the tools to help all women at any stage of life. I love that my training is a whole body approach to core and pelvic floor issues, yet also gives me the knowledge to help with a host of other issues such as back pain, posture, and SI Joint pain. I feel strongly that we deserve more and should get to live our lives feeling as capable as possible. It is never too late to start making that change.