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The Fancy Stuff:

  • Restore Your Core® Certified Instructor

  • Body Ready Method Instructor

  • Certified Pregnancy & Postpartum Exercise Specialist

  • Certified Menopause Coaching Specialist

  • Certified Yoga Instructor

What that all means:

  • I help you with things like diastasis recti, not peeing your pants, not worrying about your vagina all day, and just generally feeling stronger and more confident in your bod

  • I have the tools to support you wherever you're at on your journey. Need to modify in that vinyasa class? I've got you. Want to challenge your strength? There's always options for that too. Ready for a deep dive into whole body function and symptom management? You know I've got you there!

  • I've learned that there are ways to move that are fun and challenging but that also support your body for the long term so that you can be the mom who can carry the bike and the cranky toddler or the amazing grandma who gardens and golfs and shovels her own driveway, or anything in between

  • I don't brush you aside just because you're a woman having unique experiences in your body. Our bodies go through all kids of changes- pregnancy, postpartum, menopause transition, monthly cycle. All of these changes can require adaptability for specific times and the more you understand how to move well, the better supported you are and the better you feel about yourself

  • I firmly believe that moving, and moving well, provides a myriad of benefits for our physical and mental health.

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