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Functional & sustainable movement is at the foundation of all of my classes. Find a class that gives you the strong, capable body you deserve, while nurturing body and mind.



Core &

Pelvic Floor

Leaking? Prolapse? Diastasis recti? Nagging back or hip pain? Want to build strength postpartum or in menopause?

If this is you, these classes will help you learn how to build a functional foundation that sees symptoms diminish and has you feeling more confident in your body.

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Vinyasa Flow

Where flow meets function.

Move through a dynamic, challenging practice that gives you that post-yoga feel good vibe, but with a extra dose of supporting your body while you're at it.

Options to suit your body where it's at are always given.


Strength & Sculpt

You'll be amazed at how hard you can work with some light weights and resistance bands!

This class is my special little mash up of flow, strength, and mobility. 

Expect sweat and fun!


Strong Mamas

Want to connect with other moms in the thick of motherhood along with some sweaty fun??

Full body workouts with lots of doses of full body strength and mobility.

Babies (even the crawlers) welcome!

Classes happen in person and via Zoom. 

Ready to come to class? 


Postpartum Return to Exercise

Wednesdays 10:30am-11:30am
May 1st-June 5th

Strengthen your postpartum body intelligently and progressively so that you can take on the hours of baby holding, lugging ALL the things, and the constant moving and lifting with confidence.


Mitigate and relieve common postpartum core & pelvic floor issues like diastasis recti & incontinence by giving your body the input it needs for this unique phase.


Private sessions are catered to your needs and desires and are great for:

  • Personalized attention for resolving core & pelvic floor issues

  • Tools to optimize your movements to meet your specific goals

  • To have classes just for you and your friends!

If you are interested in 1:1 sessions, semi-private sessions, or your own small group class, send me an email at for more details and to schedule.

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