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passionate about helping women build real life strength and function to move through life with confidence.  

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I take a movement based approach to core & pelvic health so that you can spend less time lying around doing kegels and more time getting strong, being active, and enjoying life. I work with women to feel confident exercising in pregnancy and postpartum, improve core & pelvic floor symptoms, and go through life with less stress and strain so that they can enjoy the activities they love without compromise.

Hey there, I'm Alison

Ready to feel strong, empowered and confident in your body at every phase of motherhood? 

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Check out Core Confidence, my signature group program that gives you to the tools you need for a functional and capable body. This program is designed to improve core & pelvic floor issues. Live classes happen in person or via zoom.

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Make sure to check out my Essential Movement Guide for your First 6 Weeks Postpartum. It will get you on the right track to a speedy recovery.

Local mamas, check out Postpartum Return to Exercise

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The Mom MVMT Studio is THE on demand site to build strength and mobility, along with giving you more energy and patience (what mama doesn't need that??). Classes are 30 minutes or less so you can  workout without draining your time

Local moms, check out the Strong Woman Series

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Want a personalized approach no matter what stage you're at? Working 1:1 gives you the opportunity to hone in on your unique goals and needs, so that you can see continued progress and feel confident in what you're doing every step of the way.

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So mama, if you have been told...

  • Symptoms like leaking, pelvic floor heaviness, pelvic pain, hip pain, back pain, or core weakness are a normal and expected part of woman & motherhood

  • Blanket advice to just do kegels or to take it easy when it comes to pelvic floor symptoms

  • Conflicting advice about how to exercise in pregnancy and postpartum

  • To avoid certain exercises and activities when it comes to diastasis recti (abdominal separation) or pelvic organ prolapse

But you are ready to...

  • Run, jump, have a water gun fight in the backyard, do your favourite cardio class, or whatever else floats your boat WITHOUT worrying about leaking, pain, discomfort or weakness

  • Feel strong in your body, capable, and confident in pregnancy, postpartum, or whatever phase of life you're in

  • Stop thinking about your vagina all day (or your back pain, your bloated looking belly, body tension, or whatever else in your body is making you STOP and think, rather than DO)

  • Reduce (or even fully alleviate) your symptoms so that you can go through life with more comfort and ease

  • Get REAL LIFE strong. The strong that lets you carry your toddler and the groceries. The strong that ditches the need to store extra undies in your purse and has you feeling in control every time you laugh or cough. The strong that comes from a place of working WITH your body rather than from a place of fighting against your body.

Then there's a few things you may need to do:

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Know that pain, core or pelvic floor weakness, leaking, or discomfort isn’t a normal and expected side effect of motherhood.

Block out the noise of anyone else who is telling you otherwise! Bounce back culture, incontinence pads being sold as the solution, your symptoms being dismissed, joking about peeing your pants, and the shame that has us not speaking up doesn't have a place anymore. You don't need to accept any of it.

Learn what your body is doing right now that is contributing to those symptoms so that you can start to change those patterns and build more functional ones.

Your body is so smart. It will always find a path to least resistance and a way to get you through your day. It's time to interrupt that path and build a better, stronger road for your body that ditches the compromise and has you feeling more capable than ever.

Build full body strength and mobility.

That’s right, no lying around on the floor just doing kegels! A holistic approach to pelvic health means moving your WHOLE body- squats, lunges, planks (yes, they're not evil), core work, weights, deadlifts and so much more are actually how you can build a supportive structure to see symptoms diminish and have a body that's capable of all the things ( the magic is in how you do them).

Know that you can build a strong foundation in pregnancy and early postpartum.

There are SO many things you can do to feel better in pregnancy, prepare your body for delivery, and have a smoother postpartum recovery that will help to mitigate issues like diastasis recti, pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence, and pelvic pain.

Ready to get started?? Check out my current Offerings or Local Classes. You'll be wondering why you didn't do this sooner ;)

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