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A core & pelvic health fitness expert

giving you the tools, strength and confidence to tackle the physical demands of life at every phase.

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Ready to feel strong, empowered and confident in your body at every phase of womanhood? 

Start right here by checking out these classes, available in person and virtually:


Check out Core & Pelvic Floor, classes that give you to the tools you need for a functional and capable body.


These classes teach you the full body foundations you need to improve core & pelvic floor issues, as well as build back functional strength in life changes like pregnancy, postpartum, and menopause.

Women exercising with babies
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Strong Mamas is your opportunity to come to an exercise class & meet other moms, with the option to bring baby along while you get your sweat on!

There's plenty of opportunity to suit the class to your needs so that you can feel challenged yeet supported on your postpartum strength journey.

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Want a personalized approach no matter what stage you're at? Working 1:1 gives you the opportunity to hone in on your unique goals and needs, so that you can see continued progress and feel confident in what you're doing every step of the way.

Alison Tjong showing an adjustment to a woman with a baby
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"I'd had trouble with my SI joint for about 13 years. This SI problem affected me almost everyday, I was in pain, lifting was difficult, I had a hard time getting down on the floor to play with my kids, sports were out of the question. Alison has taught me that through targeted and controlled movements I can find pain relief, and more importantly function in my SI joint. I learned so much about my own body, I am more mindful of my movement, more confident in myself, and stronger than I have ever been since having my two girls."

- Serena

Are you ready to...

  • Run, jump, have a water gun fight in the backyard, do your favourite cardio class, or whatever else floats your boat WITHOUT worrying about leaking, pain, discomfort or weakness

  • Feel strong in your body, capable, and confident in whatever phase of life you're in

  • Stop thinking about your vagina all day (or your back pain, your bloated looking belly, body tension, tightness, or whatever else in your body is making you STOP and think, rather than DO)

  • Get REAL LIFE strong. The strong that lets you carry your toddler and the groceries. The strong that ditches the need to store extra undies in your purse and has you feeling in control every time you laugh or cough. The strong that comes from a place of working WITH your body rather than from a place of fighting against your body.

Then here's what I want you to know:

Woman doing yoga with child

Pain, core or pelvic floor weakness, leaking, or discomfort isn’t an expected side effect of womanhood.

Block out the noise of anyone else who is telling you otherwise! Bounce back culture, incontinence pads being sold as the solution, your symptoms being dismissed, and the shame that has us not speaking up doesn't have a place anymore. You don't need to accept any of it.

Learn what your body is doing right now that is contributing to symptoms so that you can start to change those patterns and build more functional ones.

Your body is so smart. It will always find a path to least resistance and a way to get you through your day. It's time to interrupt that path and build a better, stronger road for your body that ditches the compromise and has you feeling more capable than ever.

Build full body strength and mobility.

This is your body's absolute best defence against everything from nagging pelvic floor symptoms to natural changes that happen due to aging like loss of muscle mass. You will find in ALL of my classes that we move your WHOLE body- squats, lunges, planks, core work, weights, deadlifts and so much more ( BTW the magic is in how you do them). This is how you build a supportive structure to see symptoms diminish and have a strong body that's capable of all the things.

It doesn't have to be boring, in fact- let's make it fun!

Maybe some days you're dragging your heels to make it to class. That's okay! By the end of it you'll be giving yourself a pat on the back for showing up. Whether you're coming to class to help out your pelvic floor or just to get a good sweat on, doing it in community with others, smiling, laughing, connection, and accountability can give that extra little push of motivation (and there will likely be a lame joke or two from me mixed in...)

Ready to get started?? You'll be wondering why you didn't do this sooner ;)

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